Steam Tables

Steam Tables

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Steam TablesSteam TablesSteam TablesSteam TablesSteam Tables

Steam Tables is an expert app that calculates water's thermodynamic properties primarily based on IAPWS IF-97 formulation.


Up to 34 properties could be calculated from the following inputs:

- Pressure* Temperature

- Pressure* Steam Quality

- Pressure* Specific Volume

- Pressure* Enthalpy

- Pressure* Entropy

- Pressure* Internal Energy

- Temperature Steam Quality

- Temperature Specific Volume

- Temperature Enthalpy

- Temperature Entropy

- Temperature Internal Energy

* The strain may be gauge or absolute.


The calculated properties are:

- Temperature

- Pressure

- Gauge pressure

- Specific volume

- Density

- Enthalpy

- Entropy

- Internal energy

- Heat capacity at constant pressure

- Heat capability at fixed volume

- Speed of sound

- Steam quality

- Compressibility factor

- Gibbs free energy

- Helmoltz free energy

- Joule-Thomson coefficient

- Isothermal Joule-Thomson coeff.

- Isentropic exponent

- Isobaric cubic growth coefficient

- Isothermal compressibility coefficient

- Relative pressure coefficient

- Isothermal stress coefficient

- (∂v/∂T)p

- (∂v/∂p)T

- (∂p/∂T)v

- (∂p/∂v)T

- Dynamic viscosity

- Kinematic viscosity

- Thermal conductivity

- Thermal diffusivity

- Dielectric constant

- Surface tension

- Prandtl number

- Refractive index


You can calculate solely the properties you want and the order during which they seem in the outcomes table.


You can choose from a giant number of conversion units.

It is possible to choose on only the items with which you want to work.

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