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Find the Toolbox

By Soko Heli Tools Limited

Find the ToolboxFind the ToolboxFind the ToolboxFind the ToolboxFind the Toolbox

It does not matter if you are a rookie and construct your very first flybarless RC helicopter otherwise you a professional and you do it each week. With the instructions in the Soko Heli Toolbox app you'll get an ideal setup every time.

The mixture of our great Soko Kit with its distinctive setup methodology and this Soko Heli Toolbox cell app provides every thing you want for a fair quicker and fewer error susceptible setup process of

• swash plate level (at all pitch angles)

• blade tracking

• collective and cyclic pitch angle

• servo mid and finish points

• fantastic tuning of linkage length

• centre of gravity

• absolute horizontal (spirit) level of helicopter

• pitch angle of the tail blades

All this for ALL sizes and ALL manufacturers of RC helicopters!

This is not any news for all of you who already know the Soko Kit.

The jewel you've all been ready for is the VIRTUAL MAIN SHAFT feature! It gets rid of the vertical alignment of the primary shaft and the need of any physical levelling desk by calculating the lean of your primary shaft in 3D space.

With such a digital 3D mannequin of your heli's orientation, Soko Heli Toolbox is ready to perfectly setup your head geometry.

For instance if you wish to setup 12° of collective pitch the app tells you to go to 15.2° on the Soko Gauge because of the tilt your heli. So regardless of you learn an angle of 15.2° the angle in relation to the rotor major shaft in 3D space is 12° - and that is what we all are after!

But we can't cease here!

In future we'll add many more options to Soko Heli Toolbox to improve the user-error resistance through the setup course of in addition to different small useful stuff you already know from our web site.

So don't setup like they did in the final millennium. The future of RC helicopter setup is already here!

Don't live in the past and soko your heli.

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