Screen Lock Pro

Screen Lock Pro

By Prahallad

Screen Lock ProScreen Lock ProScreen Lock ProScreen Lock ProScreen Lock Pro

Screen Lock Pro, is created to extend the life of hardware energy button through the use of the characteristic throughout the app. Support for each Admin lock and Smart lock system. Easy to Screen off and lock the gadget relying in your chosen preferences.

This app uses the Device administrator permission. Necessary for the app to lock with Admin lock. Read write system settings permission to allow Smart lock system if wanted.

This app uses Accessibility service. It is optionally available for under Android 9 and above. Used only for benefiting from internal Screen Lock choice to beat the delay in Smart lock system.

One tap to off and lock the gadget utilizing:

☞ Admin lock (Shortcut)

☞ Smart lock (Shortcut)

☞ Screen lock widget

☞ Admin lock and Smart lock from notification

☞ Floating widget

Screen lock using out there gadget sensors for both lock and wakeup function:

☞ Flip cover

☞ Air swipe

☞ Desk option

☞ Awesome shake

Usability enhancements:

☞ ‘Movement listener’ option for destruction-free reading experience.

☞ ‘On residence screen’ for straightforward going.

☞ ‘Pause on landscape’ to play video games effortlessly.

☞ ‘Pause on call’ to let the device follow its default course of action.

Personalisation features:

Animations to pick for Phone lock experience. Vibration suggestions upon Phone locked. Lock and unlock sound at varied factors to play the tone you like to hear. Sound volume is picked from notification sound as quantity and may be additional adjusted with ease, also respects DND mode.

Highly customisable lock icon with straightforward to make use of interface. Option to use Metallic and Material icon as alternative for both Admin lock and Smart lock.

Animation speed is adjusted with “Transition animation scale, and “Animator duration scale”. Our recommendation, use 1x for greatest ‘Screen Off’ experience. The changes could happen after lock and unlock.

Note 1: Device administration have to be disabled before uninstalling.

Note 2: Disable default system lock and unlock sound, if making use of from this app.

Any suggestions for bettering Screen lock app are most welcome. We’ll do our best to current you desired usage expertise.