My Calculator

My Calculator

By Yash Pradhan

My CalculatorMy CalculatorMy CalculatorMy CalculatorMy CalculatorMy CalculatorMy Calculator

Calculations become fun! The brand new My Calculator brings with it a lot of new options. Here are a couple of:

• Enter a line of operations together now! Operations are evaluated on First Come First Serve Basis Not BODMAS, making the expertise feel natural.

• Choose from many thrilling handpicked shade themes! Or pick the random theme to get a unique shade every time you open My Calculator! Make 'My Calculator' truly yours!

• Also introducing nation themes! Show your patriotism with these awesome themes.

• Using the black theme reduces battery consumed by the display screen by virtually 80%! (On telephones with AMOLED display)

• The black theme is also optimized to be used at night time, so no more shiny lights when you don't want them!

Information on the way to read exponential notation:

For very large/very small numbers, the calculator shows the number in exponential notation. The symbol used here is 'E' which is nothing but the operation ×10^. So a number expressed as xEy is nothing however x × 10^y. Here are some examples:

6E12 = 6 × 10^12 = 6,000,000,000,000

7.54E10 = 7.54 × 10^10 = seventy five,four hundred,000,000

3.2E-6 = 3.2 × 10^-6 = 0.0000032

Note: If you see any advertisements while voting for the nation of your choice, these are shown by the ballot hosting firm and we've no control over it. We don't generate any revenue from them.

This app isn't optimized for tablets.

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