Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO

Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO

By Przemek Pardel

Lux Light Meter Photometer PROLux Light Meter Photometer PROLux Light Meter Photometer PRO

Free application with many professional instruments to measure the amount of sunshine (in lux), reaching the ambient light sensor. The ambient mild sensors measure gentle in lux, a measure of illumination that is dependent upon the amount of incoming mild and the area over which it's spread.

Easy and simple. Measure the quantity of sunshine and share all outcomes.

The core of the app features is available free of charge. Some of the modules (PRO) are available after a small buy. Thanks to this help we will improve the app and build new features. This is not compulsory, but you'll have the ability to support this project by buying the PRO version.

The Photometer PRO is a project with a bold imaginative and prescient: Provide free and open access to gentle measurements and information to everybody all over the world.

Read more about PRO version right here: https://www.photometer.professional.


- Free No ads

- Support many languages

- High accuracy light measurement (highest accuracy possible)

- Export all measurements (lx, fx, W/m2) to CSV file and work with the data like a professionalist!

- Lux and Foot-candle units

- Measures report minimal, average and most brightness possible

- Full gentle sensor information calibration

- Greenhouse module with PPFD calculations

- PPFD Calculator

- Tool for photographers

- Photovoltaics module - Read the brightness of the sky, partitions or bright objects

- Share and export measurements

- Helps with choosing gentle bulbs to install at residence and installing a new lighting

- Help relighting colleges, workshops, reading plants

- Help relighting workplace kitchen

- Lux to Lumen Lumen to Lux Calculator

- Lux to Candela Candela to Lux Calculator

- Analyze the light stage of indoor environments

- Measure indoors outdoors. Compare the room’s brightness level.

- Light meter to do experiments

- Test flashlights and different light equipment

- Setup projector screen

- Smart, minimalistic, simple and intuitive user interface (Material Design WCAG 2.0)

- Dark Mode

- Instant begin wonderful performance

- Insights Knowledge

- Ready for professional productive usage

- A closed beta group for PRO users


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