By MartinLoren


Make your USB Oscilloscope transportable with this App.

List of supported oscilloscopes on the website. Some:

- HS10X, HS402 DIY Oscilloscopes

- Loto OSC482, OSC802, OSCA02

- Hantek 6022BE/BL

- SainSmart DDS120 / Rocktech BM102

- Voltcraft DSO2020


- Hantek PSO2020

- Hantek 1008

- Hantek iDSO1070 / Saluki MO1072

- Instrustar ISDS205A

- Owon VDS1022

- Microphone input

- Others

Check out the Website for extra information.

Unofficial App for USB oscilloscopes. The writer decline any responsibility or legal responsibility for any harm, problem or analysis error ensuing from the utilization of this software.

PAY ATTENTION: it requires USB OTG assist on your phone and one of the listed oscilloscopes. Check the developer web site (down) for more info.

BETA VERSION: For becoming a member of to the Beta Test comply with this activation link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.martinloren.hscope

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