GM Wizard: Character Generator

GM Wizard: Character Generator

By Ixie Studios

GM Wizard: Character GeneratorGM Wizard: Character GeneratorGM Wizard: Character GeneratorGM Wizard: Character GeneratorGM Wizard: Character GeneratorGM Wizard: Character GeneratorGM Wizard: Character Generator

An invaluable device to generate characters for your subsequent pen-and-paper RPG session. Compatible with DD, Pathfinder, or your own homebrew fantasy tabletop game. Equally helpful for game masters and gamers alike. Whether you may be creating a mission, and want some deep and exciting NPCs (non-player characters) in your latest quest, or you're creating a model new participant character and need some ideas, GM Wizard has received you covered. Bring your cellphone to the gaming desk and you should have all the tools you need to fill your world with full and interesting characters.

Character names are primarily based on race and are unique and pronounceable. Our name lists, and items will grow with every replace. The capacity to avoid wasting your characters, you shall be able to populate your campaign with characters ranging from a simple barkeep, to that pesky rogue that simply will not depart your get together alone. Add and edit your notes to your saved characters, and these personas will grow along along with your marketing campaign. We provide you with the framework, the remaining is up to you and your limitless creativeness. Unique names, physical features, character, again stories, weapons, armor, and objects, are just the start of what awaits inside. Come be a part of us, and bring your next session to a different level.


Generate Random Character:

Creates a random character with varied bodily and character traits to help with roleplaying and backstory. Great for a quick NPC needed on the fly, or planning out concepts for a extra in-depth participant character. Weapons and armor are chosen that make sense on your class and degree. Also generates fascinating stock items and has a section for stats, languages, notes and extra. ADD: Dungeons and Dragons pleasant (2nd Edition ).

Save and Load Characters:

Group into folders for your marketing campaign. No limit on the number of characters. App comes with 10 pre-built characters with unique bios and items.

Name Generator:

Picks a random title (first and surname) that appropriate for race (human, dwarf, elf, half-elf, half-orc, halfling, gnome) and gender. Thousands of unique handpicked names that are pronounceable.

Bonus Extras:

DICE: A simple dice roller for D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100. Choose the variety of cube and see the result of every individual roll.

TAVERN: A few dozen greetings / quotes from the tavern barkeep, including some hints for aspect mission concepts.

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