Dream Diary (Dream Book)

Dream Diary (Dream Book)

By Netigen Tools

Dream Diary (Dream Book)Dream Diary (Dream Book)Dream Diary (Dream Book)Dream Diary (Dream Book)Dream Diary (Dream Book)

★ Dream Diary (Dream Book) is a perfect journal for those who needs to remember about their goals.

★ Add time of sleeping and the kind of your dream: action, family, meals, pals, love, nightmare, space, trip, work and different.

Track your sleep cycle!

★ Use this easy diary and put down daily all of your thoughts about your sleep cycle and dreams

★ Set a password to ensure that your notes are safe and private!

★ Make it a habit to shortly write one or more mini-notes during your day. Set a reminder in your non-public diary. Simply leave a quantity of phrases about your dreams, sleeping,

★ Use this diary app to make your individual private dream journal.

★ Features ★

- Dream Diary (Dream Book) with a lock - set your password (PIN code) and hold your notes private! You can change it within the settings

- Add a restoration mail in case you forget your password!

- Easy navigation between your diary entries

- Create, modify, delete entries in a very simple and intuitive way

- Add photos functionality

- Choose a kind of a dream: sport, area, love, pals, faculty and so on

- Choose time of sleeping and add details about how properly was your sleeping

- Edit your previous entries, in case you forgot to note something important!

- Export all notes to the e-mail

- Reminder – set a reminder to recollect to including notes regularly

- Mark Sundays

- It's all for free!

★ This personal dream journal is exactly what you need!

★ You can be positive that Dream Diary (Dream Book) will hold your notes protected, and away from the eyes of curious friends. lt lets you classify and keep protected all the events and feelings that happen to you, and reminds you to write frequently in order that you do not miss one thing in the best way.

If you've any issues with Dream Diary (Dream Book), please - contact us: [email protected]

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