DashMeterPro for AC/pC

DashMeterPro for AC/pC


DashMeterPro for AC/pCDashMeterPro for AC/pC

DashMeterPro for AC/pC implements particular features and widgets based on the info despatched by the racing simulators Assetto Corsa™ and Project Cars 1™ on PC. It has been designed to speak with a low latency by way of WiFi.

• Specific for Assetto Corsa™:

- Brake bias, DRS indicator, ERS consumption/power/recovery/mode, engine brake mode, KERS input, session remaining time/laps, live delta time, surface grip, turbo boost, wheel camber, tires data (average temperatures, wear, pressures and dirty warning), ambient temperature.

• Specific for Project Cars™:

- Oil/water/ambient temperatures, wind pace, cloud brightness, rain severity, KERS charge, cut up time ahead/behind (only in UDP mode), tires information (temperatures, wear), remaining laps, reside delta time, brakes temperature.

• Classic widgets:

Gear, RPM, velocity, current/best/last time, lap, place , best/last/delta split time, throttle/brake enter, clock, G-forces, gasoline.

• Other options:

- Analog dials with computerized scale, a number of types and warning thresholds.

- User interface editor.

- Customizable RPM LEDs Bar.

- Two extra LEDs Bar are available to display the throttle/brake place, the RPM and the DRS standing.

- Shift Light: Flash on screen, Automatic/Manual threshold and shade settings.

- Fuel Calculations: quantity, consumption per lap, projected laps, fuel pressure, gasoline needed to finish and gasoline to add to finish.

- Braking Statistics: Distance, time, speed in/out, G-force avg/max.

- Engine Power and Torque estimations (experimental): Based on velocity, RPM, weight, wheel radius, SCx and G-forces.

- Warnings for low gasoline, water/oil temp, and delta time.

- Live and Logged Telemetry: compare any parameters in real-time with one of the saved laps.

Units obtainable:

Mph/Kmh ; °C/°F ; psi/kPa/bar ; L/gal ; HP/CV/Kw ; Nm/mKg/lbft


- WiFi

- DashMeterCom

The installation instructions are available on www.sensadigit.com.

DashMeterPro is NOT an official software of Slightly Mad Studios™ or Kunos Simulazioni™. The names Project Cars, Assetto Corsa are used for identification purposes solely. All logos and registered emblems are the property of their respective homeowners.

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