ANY WIDGET - your own mobile dashboard

ANY WIDGET - your own mobile dashboard


ANY WIDGET - your own mobile dashboardANY WIDGET - your own mobile dashboard

ANY WIDGET - is an excellent simple way to create your own on a daily basis cellular dashboard from present widgets or for any API information. It will fetch your URL and present essential info

Create your individual mobile dashboard from widgets created by you. Create any widget from any URL and display any info. Be in contact along with your essential information! Share created widgets with anyone you want.

This app helps you manage essential information from any supply of data and provide you a easy means for fast analitycs.

It's very simple - just provide title, icon, URL, time to poll this URL, and sort of data returned by the URL.

Data format returned by the URL may be: plain textual content, JSON or HTML.

• Plain text shall be proven as is;

• JSON - will present you values of objects inside for whole structure or for only one param by JSON-path;

• HTML - will present you text inside parts by CSS Query selector.

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