RC Throwmeter

RC Throwmeter

By SameBits

RC Throw Meter App let you construct your own Bluetooth throw-meter for a very cheap value. It doesn't require any soldering or cabling. You just have to have entry to a 3D printer and that's all!

The part is the BWT61CL from Wit Motion, a 6 axis Bluetooth angle angle sensor with battery incorporated.

It is based on the JY61 sensor, has Bluetooth or serial connectivity, integrates a dynamic Kalman filter algorithm, an inner voltage stabilising circuit module, voltage 3.3v~5v. The only downside it has is that the Bluetooth BLE is just appropriate with android. The battery has a 150mA capacity so last for a protracted operation time.

The work is restricted to the 3D printing of the clips that permit fixing the device on the trailing edge of the glider. It has been designed on DesignSpark and you can see the .rsdoc authentic file in addition to the STL file. https://planet-soaring.blogspot.com/2019/02/make-your-own-bluetooth-rc-throwmeter.html

The mount is removable from the system, its clips and the charging cable could be carried/stored in the plastic field it was acquired in.

Just print the part, in PLA or PETG or ABS, 100 percent in fill for me. The dimension is optimised for F3x plane wings and tailplanes. To protect the floor of the control surface and keep away from the clips to slide/shift, I added a bit of rubber (a small piece of bicycle internal tube) on the clips surfaces, with double side tape.

The App helps two BWT61CL Bluetooth sensors related concurrently so you possibly can measure two related control surfaces at the identical time.

Once paired with one or 2 Bluetooth sensors, RC Throw Meter App measures angles, travels, max travels UP and DOWN to measure rapidly present throws, and have a visual alarm to assist setting your throws without exceeding a limit you set.

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