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WhiteBoard Pro

By HashDroid

WhiteBoard ProWhiteBoard ProWhiteBoard ProWhiteBoard ProWhiteBoard Pro

What is this ?

This whiteboard or a white-blackboard as you may call it, converts you phone into an idea-pad/notepad/scribble-pad. The primary idea behind this app is to transform your cellphone to a notepad and use your fingers as a pen,in order that you don't miss to note down or get artistic anyplace on the go! Don't need to search for a pen and paper anymore. You can create as massive a portrait as you need ,utilizing the zoom option!

So what precisely can you do with this ?

1. Write notes in your personal handwriting.

2. Let youngsters be artistic for hours.

3. Edit Photos,write or mark on them.

4. Draw sketches or diagrams, use any colour any pen thickness.

5. Share you're employed with your folks.

6. Very basic and muddle free User Interaction.

7. Pinch in and out to zoom.

NO ADS!!!!

Happy Doodling!!!

We are open for Suggestions :) Do let us know your inputs.