Sound Meter : SPL meter, dB meter, noise meter

Sound Meter : SPL meter, dB meter, noise meter

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Sound Meter : SPL meter, dB meter, noise meterSound Meter : SPL meter, dB meter, noise meterSound Meter : SPL meter, dB meter, noise meter

Sound Meter is also called Sound Pressure Level meter (SPL meter) , noise stage meter, decibel meter(dB meter), sound stage meter or soundmeter. It is a really helpful app to do a sound check or measure environmental noise(noise test).

The noise degree meter or sound pressure degree Meter(SPL meter) use the smartphone or tablet microphone to measure environmental noise in decibels(dB). The decibel(dB) value of this noise level meter or soundmeter might be vary examine with an precise Sound Meter(dB Meter). You can now simply carry out a noise measurement along with your good phone.


The value of decibel meter or soundmeter(dB meter) isn't as precise as an precise Sound Pressure Level Meter(SPL Meter), soundmeter, decibel meter or noise degree meter, this is due to most gadget's microphone are aligned to human voice. To repair this, use an precise sound meter or sound stress degree meter (SPL meter) to adjust decibels error as shut as potential before use. If you didn't personal an precise Sound Pressure Level Meter (SPL meter), go to a very quiet place the place sound cannot hear and regulate the studying value to 20~30dB.


- Measure environmental noise

- Real time update on chart graph

- Display minimum(Min), maximum(Max) and average(Avg) Decibel(dB) within the recording session

- Display measuring time

- Reset Button is offered in case you have to reset the measuring

- Play and Pause button is provided

- Noise test or Sound test(decibel meter or dB meter)

Sound meter or decibel meter(dB meter) stage of noise

140decibels : Gun Shots

130decibels : Ambulance

120decibels : Thunder

110decibels : Concerts

100decibels : Subway Train

90decibel : Motorcycle

80decibel : Alarm Clocks

70decibel : Vacuums, Traffic

60decibel : Conversation

50decibel : Quiet Room

40dB : Quiet Park

30dB : Whisper

20dB : Rustling Leaves

10dB : Breathing

A loud noise might be harmful for each your physical and metallic health. You ought to avoid exposure to those surroundings. Let our soundmeter/noise meter to measure environmental noise. Don't hesitate to obtain Sound Meter to protect your and your family's well being.

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