RTT Smart Connect

RTT Smart Connect

By Weintek Labs., Inc.

RTT Smart ConnectRTT Smart ConnectRTT Smart Connect

RTT Smart Connect is a remote entry device in your machine or industrial HMI.

Enable you to watch or replace related controllers or projects of HMI's.


• Monitor HMI's/PLC's/controllers.

• Secure connections.

• Little PC setup required; no router setup required.

• User friendly administrator and consumer UI.

• Supports pass-through and proxy server

Traditionally, accessing a distant HMI is a convoluted job. Security considerations and difficult community parameters setup makes it tough for many HMI users. And even with correct setup, access is still quite limited, permitting connection to just one HMI inside the distant network. However, with RTT Smart Connect, that is about to change.

RTT Smart Connect is a model new approach to entry an HMI from wherever on the earth. With COL-MET Smart Connect, it becomes very straightforward to observe and troubleshoot HMI’s/PLC’s that are at a distant location as long as Internet connection is out there. As COL-MET Smart Connect already takes care of community settings and addresses security points, the consumer can connect easily to the HMIs as in the occasion that they were on the local community. Moreover, it's possible to have multiple out there HMIs inside a community.

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