RootDim [root]

RootDim [root]

By Omega Centauri Software

RootDim was previously known as SuperDim. RootDim requires root privileges on your device.

RootDim has been largely superceded by our ScreenDim, which does not require root (though it also has an enhanced root mode, which on some newer units may go more reliably than RootDim) and has helpful options like presets in the notification area.

RootDim enables you to dim LCD screens (and a couple of OLED ones) to very low levels--lower than the OS normally permits (that's why you want root privileges)--to save night time imaginative and prescient. This shall be particularly helpful for serious novice astronomers.

On some units you can also turn off LEDs (e.g., energy LED).

If you might have ChainFire3D, RootDim will let you conveniently control the nightmode settings together with the brightness settings.

You can save as a lot as 5 profiles that can be restored with a single touch within the RootDim display. The profiles include LCD backlight brightness and nightmode settings (if applicable). Long touch on profile button to save, short contact to load.

You can even create launcher shortcuts for explicit saved profiles and for cycling by way of all of the profiles.

If RootDim doesn't work in your gadget, e-mail me at [email protected] earlier than leaving a low ranking. Maybe I can fix it.

Note 1: Some gadgets don't allow going below the minimum worth allowed by the OS. There is really nothing I can do about that.

Note 2: There is a particular function for some Archos 70/101 devices which have a firmware problem that stops them from waking up correctly once they've been put to sleep with a low brightness (this problem happens even if you don't have SuperDim). Go to MenuOptions and select that possibility when you have certainly one of these devices, and it should fix the issue.

Note 3: For all of the users who would really like a widget, please keep in mind the launcher shortcut characteristic.

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