Mixing Station Wing

Mixing Station Wing

By davidgiga1993

Mixing Station WingMixing Station WingMixing Station WingMixing Station Wing

This app allows you to remote management the Behringer WING digital mixer.


- RTA overlay in PEQ /GEQ view

- Peq preview in channel strip

- High contrast mode for outside usage

- Popgroups

- Access to all FX and processing blocks

- Create unlimited DCA groups (IDCAs)

- Customizable layers, channel order and mutegroup labels

- Up to 32 channels seen channels per layer

- Much extra :-)

Compatible mixer:

- Behringer WING

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Mixing Station Qu allows you to remote control the Qu sequence mixers from AllenHeath.Features:- RTA overlay for PEQ/GEQ- RTA averaging- Level timeline for gate and dynamics (pro version)- Peak maintain for all meters with changeable hold time (pro version)