Gloomhaven Campaign Tracker

Gloomhaven Campaign Tracker

By Stefan Timm

Gloomhaven Campaign TrackerGloomhaven Campaign TrackerGloomhaven Campaign TrackerGloomhaven Campaign TrackerGloomhaven Campaign Tracker

With the Gloomhaven Campaign Tracker, it's potential to maintain track of the sport progress in the board sport Gloomhaven. This is especially helpful when you need to play a quantity of campaigns in parallel or just manage your own character.

For each marketing campaign, you can save the unlocked scenarios, global achievements, celebration achievements, the prosperity of the town and the popularity of the party.In addition, a separate highway and metropolis stack is managed for each campaign.

In every marketing campaign, a quantity of parties may be created, each of which has its own popularity and get together achievements.

The board recreation Gloomhaven by Isaac Childres provides function play recreation components and a altering world. The recreation progress is initially held with stickers, on paper and by eradicating and adding sport material.

In the app graphics from Icons8 had been used.

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