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Sometimes you face problem with your automobile audio , when you automobile battery is disconnected, replaced. When your audio Rear View camera, FM, AUX, CD, MP3, DVD Player, SD and Bluetooth on the automotive cease working. Player needs to unlock if automotive battery is disconnected.

Save your authentic radio. Don't buy a new one! Restore it to regain full use. utilizing this erc unlocker app your audio might be restored to previous state

How to Get ERC From your audio ?

You can get ERC code by following the very straightforward steps. Press and hold the primary button in your navigation participant and turn on off your parking lights 3 to 4 occasions till a new screen appears. Press only active button, on screen and you'll get the display the place is your 16 digit serial number. After getting the code enter that code in App.

you will get desired ERC code and enter that code in your audio and your audio will have the flexibility to work correctly. ERC Calculator is the most effective ERC Calculator to get ERC Unlocked. ERC code may be calculated with our ERC Unlocker / ERC Calculator.

Supported Audio Models:


Year 2002 Radio Models: NCKT-D52/W52 NCMT-D52/W52 ND3A-D52A/W52A ND3N-D52/W52 ND3T-D52M/W52M ND3T-D52V/W52V NDDP-D52R/W52R NDKT-D52/W52 NHMP-D52/W52 ND3N-W52T

Year 2003 Radio Models: NCMT-D53/W53 ND3A-W53A ND3N-D53/W53 NDCT-D53/W53 NDCT-W53E NDDP-W53R NHDP-D53/W53 NHDT-W53 NHDT-W53M

Year 2004 Radio Models: ND3A-W54A ND3T-D54/W54 NDCN-D54/W54 NDCT-W54E NHCT-D54/W54 NHDN-W54G NHDP-D54/W54 NHDT-W54V

Year 2005 Radio Models; ND3T-W55 NDCN-D55/W55 NDDA-W55 NH3T-W55 NHDN-W55G NHDT-W55 NHXT-W55V

Year 2006 Radio Models; ND3T-W56 NDDA-W56 NDDN-W56 NH3T-W56 NHDN-W56 NHDN-W56G NHDP-W56S NHXT-W56D

Year 2007 Radio Models; ND3T-W57 NDDN-W57 NH3N-W57 NHDA-W57G NHDP-W57S NHDT-W57 NHDT-W57D NHZN-W57 Year

2008 Radio Models; NDDN-W58 NH3N-W58 NH3N-W58G NHDT-W58 NHDT-W58G NHZA-W58G NHZP-W58S NHZT-W58 NHZT-W58G

Year 2009 Radio Models: NHDT-W59 NHDT-W59G NHZA-W59G NHZN-W59G NSCN-W59C NSDN-W59 NSDT-W59

Year 2010 Radio Models: NHDT-W60G NHZA-W60G NHZN-W60G NSCN-W60 NSDN-W60 NSZD-W60 NSZT-W60

Year 2011 Radio Models: NHZA-W61G NHZN-W61G NHZN-X61G NSCP-W61 NSCT-W61 NSDD-W61 NSZT-W61G

Year 2012 Radio Models: NHBA-W62G NHBA-X62G NHZD-W62G NHZN-X62G NSCP-W62 , NSCT-D61D NSLN-W62 NSZT-W62G NSZT-Y62G

Year 2014 Radio Models; NSCP-W64 NSZA-X64T NSZN-W64T NSZT-W64 NSZT-Y64T NSZT-YA4T