Electronics Toolbox Pro

Electronics Toolbox Pro

By Peter Ho

Electronics Toolbox ProElectronics Toolbox ProElectronics Toolbox ProElectronics Toolbox ProElectronics Toolbox Pro

This app is a collection of primary digital calculators. It is suitable for hobbyist, digital engineers or professionals.

Basic tools

• Resistor colour code

• Inductor shade code

• Resistor SMD marking EIA-96

• dBm, dbW, dBuV converter

• Resistors in series

• Resistors in parallel

• Two resistors in ratio

• Voltage divider

• Ohm's law

• Y-Δ converter

• L, C reactance

• Complex quantity operation

• RC charging time constant

• RC filter

• RL filter

• LC circuit

• 555 monostable

• 555 astable

• Wheatstone bridge

• Trace width calculator

• Battery capacity

• Operational amplifier

• LED calculator

• RMS calculator

• Range calculator

• Temperature conversion

• BJT bias voltage

• Voltage regulator

• Shunt regulator

• Length converter

• Limit 10 mixtures of part values

Digital Tools

• Number converter

• Logic gates

• DAC R-2R

• Analog-to-digital

• 7-segment display

• Minimization of boolean function

• Half adder full adder

• Synchronous counter up to 6 states

• Cyclic redundancy verify CRC-8, CRC-16, CRC-32

• Hamming code

Electronics resources

• SI unit prefix

• Physical quantities

• Circuit symbol

• ASCII table

• 74xx series

• CMOS 40xx series

• Pinouts

• C programming language

• Python language

• Common linux command for Raspberry Pi

• Resistivity table

• Permeability table

• Permittivity table

• Ampacity table

• AWG table

• Standard wire guage (SWG) table

• World plug

• EDA software

• Flip-flop

• SMD marking

• Formulas

Features in PRO model only

• No Ads

• No limitation of part values

• Selectable 1%,5%,10%,20% of values

• Complex matrix

• Pi-pad attenuator

• T-pad attenuator

• Coil inductance

• Poles zeros calculator

Pro version :


Note :

1. For those that need help please e mail to the designated e-mail.

Do NOT use either the feedback space to write down questions, it isn't applicable and that's not guaranteed that can learn them.

All trade names talked about in this app or the other documentation supplied by this app are logos or registered logos of their respective holder. This app is not related or affiliated in any way these firms.

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