Electrodoc - electronics tools

Electrodoc - electronics tools


Electrodoc - electronics toolsElectrodoc - electronics toolsElectrodoc - electronics toolsElectrodoc - electronics toolsElectrodoc - electronics tools

Electrodoc is a simple and highly effective collection of electronics instruments and references.

Electrodoc is the brand new app title of Electrodroid. Same app, with the same and even more features.

This is the free model, which contains ads; you can even purchase from the app retailer the PRO model of the app to assist the developer, unlock extra features and eliminate the advertisements.

The app includes:

• Resistor Color Code;

• SMD Resistor Code;

• Inductor Color Code;

• Ohm's Law;

• Reactance/Resonance;

• Filters;

• Voltage divider;

• Resistor Ratio;

• Resistor series/parallel;

• Capacitor series/parallel;

• Capacitor charge;

• Operational Amplifier;

• LED Resistor Calculator;

• Adjustable voltage regulator;

• NE555 Calculator;

• Power dissipation;

• Battery Life calculator;

• Inductor Design Tool;

• Voltage Drop Calculator;

• PCB Trace Width Calculator;

• Power Calculator;

• Frequency Converter;

• Analog-Digital Converter;

• Port pin-out (USB port, Serial port, Parallel port, Ethernet port, Registered Jack, SCART connector, DVI connector, HDMI connector, Display Port, VGA connector, S-Video connector, Jack connector, FireWire connector, RCA connector, Audio DIN connector, XLR and DMX, ATX Power connectors, EIDE/ATA - SATA, PS/2-AT connectors, 25-pair cable colour code, Fiber Optic cable color, MIDI connector, Apple Lightning connector, OBD-II Car connector, Car audio ISO connector, Arduino boards);

• Resources (PIC ICSP / AVR ISP, ChipDB (IC pinouts), USB specifications, Resistivity Table, AWG-SWG Wire Size, Ampacity Table, Standard Resistors, Standard Capacitors, Capacitor marking codes, Circuit Schematic symbols, Symbols and Acronyms, SI Units prefixes, ASCII Table, Boolean Logic gates, Switch Information, 78xx IC, Batteries, Coin Batteries, Decibel Table, Radio frequencies);

• Full help for EIA resistor sequence for all calculators;

...and more to come!

The Pro version would not have any adverts, and has extra features like new calculators, and extra pinouts and sources.

There are additionally improvements in some calculators (e.g. LED, voltage regulators), further options in some plugins, and it's attainable to type the lists in accordance with your preferences.

These are the extra calculators and pinouts out there at the moment only in the PRO version: Lookup Resistor colour by worth, Zener Diode Calculator, Y-Δ Transformation, Decibel Converter, RMS Converter, Range Converter, Power Over Ethernet, VESA Connector, PC peripheral connectors, MIDI/Game port, Apple 30-pin connector, PDMI, Trailer connectors, SD card pin-out, SIM/Smart card, Raspberry Pi pin-out, LCD pin-out, GPIB/IEEE-488 pin-out, Thermocouples colors, Arduino boards, JTAG pinouts, BeagleBone boards, SMD Package Sizes, 7400 sequence IC, PT100 Conversion Table, Fuses color code, Automotive Fuses colors, DIN 47100 colour coding, IP marking, World Plugs Sockets, IEC Connectors, NEMA connectors.

The app has additionally support for plugins to increase performance of the application (e.g. PIC and AVR micro-controllers Database, simulators, components search).

If you want the program, please price it, and purchase the full version to support the development.

Electrodoc Pro link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.android.demi.elettronica.pro

For FAQ and full change-log, visit http://electrodoc.it

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