Earthquake alert

Earthquake alert

By FFZ srl

Earthquake alertEarthquake alertEarthquake alertEarthquake alertEarthquake alert

Earthquake Alert warning earthquakes is an application that allows you to detect earthquakes based on the sensors of your device. Once you detected the earthquake reveals you the kind and power of the same and emits an alarm signal.

In addition, through the community of associates you could be alerted in actual time when there's a meaning earthquake near you to find a way to have a few more seconds before the arrival of the earthquake itself.

Rich with many features such as the power to activate an ultrasonic frequency signal audible to animals and rescue dogs. In the house display screen you can even view both the magnitude of the earthquake epicenter, it is the one really perceived within the area where you are using the attenuation equations of seismic waves primarily based on the distance from the epicenter.

The utility's control panel is available in the Widget that have to be put in.

Once the launched software goes right into a state of self-learning to analyze the sensors and consider the tolerance to small displacements. You also can verify the events recorded by way of the appropriate record.

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