Change My Mac Lite

Change My Mac Lite

By Banana Studio

Change My Mac Lite

Please be noted

- You can get full version of Change My Mac for FREE on Play Store.

- This utility requires rooted Device

- BusyBox is not required, but it would be higher when you have it installed!

- All features we talked about below is totally free! There is not any PRO model here :-).

- If this software does not work in your phone/tablet, please send us ([email protected]) the model of your device. We will try to add support on your gadget as quickly as possible! Please be patient!

We have Beta program to be able to help new devices

- Add support for devices powered by SpreadTrump chipset.

- The opt-in hyperlink is:


Support change MAC tackle of not only Wi-Fi but additionally different network interfaces corresponding to Ethernet in case you are using Android TV Box...

- Change the MAC address: Change the MAC handle of your network interface. You can manually input the MAC tackle or generate a random one.

- Profile manager: You can save the MAC handle to profile and use it later. This will save your time.

- History manager: When you change the MAC address, the log shall be saved right here.

- Guidance: The consumer handbook helps you how to use utility, widespread problems...

Common problems

How to revert the real MAC address?

- Just disable then allow your Wi-Fi. Your actual MAC address will come back!

- In the case your MAC address isn't reverted back to unique one, please reboot your system and see the changes!

Why does the Wi-Fi present Authentication downside after changing MAC address?

- Some rooted gadgets running stock rom have this problem. We are nonetheless in investigation!

When shall this application absolutely assist gadgets with MediaTek (MTK) chipset?

- Support for MediaTek chipset is experimental. We are working so exhausting to assist your system. Please be patient!

XDA Developers thread:

Special permissions:

- Modify System Settings: This is necessary for Android 4.0, 4.1 to restart Network Manager.

If you are facing any issues, need new options or have feedbacsk to enhance this utility, do not hesitate to send it to us through the support e-mail: [email protected]

Thanks you all for providing localization

• Romanian: Catalin Marius.

• Chinese (Simplified): Jason Chen.

• Russian: Adam Visitov.

If this works on your phone/tablet, please tell us to replace this page

Reported working devices

* Android cellphone powered by MediaTek chipset

* Asus Zenfone MAX (ASUS_Z010) Android 5.0

* Lenovo K3 Note (K50a40) Android 5.1

* LG Nexus 4 (mako) Android 5.1

* LG G3 D855 Android 6.0

* Megafon Turbo 4G ZTE MS4A Android 4.4

* Meizu m2 note Android 5.1

* Moto E with 4G LTE (2nd Gen) (surnia_uds) Android 5.1

* Moto G (3rd Gen) (osprey_udstv) Android 6.0

* Moto G (2nd Gen) Android 5.0

* OPPO Neo 7 (A33W) Android 5.1

* OPPO R831K Android 4.2

* Samsung Galaxy TabS 8.4 (klimtwifi) Android 6.0

* Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus (kylepro) Android 4.2

* Samsung Galaxy Win (delos3geur) Android 4.1

* Samsung Garda (gardaltetmo) Android 4.2

* Xiaomi HM NOTE 1LTETD Android 6.0

* Xiaomi Redmi 2 HM 2LTE-CU (HM2014811) Android 4.4

* ZTE Obsidian Z820 (P675T07) Android 5.1

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