Bitdefender for NETGEAR Armor

Bitdefender for NETGEAR Armor

By Bitdefender Mobile Services

Bitdefender for NETGEAR ArmorBitdefender for NETGEAR ArmorBitdefender for NETGEAR ArmorBitdefender for NETGEAR Armor

The most superior cybersecurity app for Android provides your gadgets absolute protection towards web threats and knowledge snoopers.

NEW! VPN Added

Surf the online anonymously unlock geo-IP restricted content with VPN.

Free - 200 MB site visitors / day.

Upgrade to PREMIUM VPN and also you get:

- Unlimited traffic

- Multiple virtual areas from all over the world including US, UK, IT, AU!

Features at a look:

Malware Scanner – confirmed one hundred pc detection rate

Account Privacy - confirm whether your e-mail account has been breached or not

New: VPN - disguise your IP unlock geo-restricted content

App Lock – lock your sensitive apps with a PIN code

Web Security – real-time safety for Chrome and Android’s default browsers

Anti-Theft – lock, monitor, and wipe your cellphone from any Internet-connected device

Privacy Advisor – reveals which apps might leak your private information

Malware Scanner

With an independently confirmed one hundred pc detection rate, Malware Scanner is always up to date with the latest intel on viruses and routinely scans apps for malware as you put in them. You can also scan for malware manually at any time.

Account Privacy

How safe is your e mail address? Now you can find out whether your account details have been leaked or not by merely validating your e-mail with Bitdefender for NETGEAR Armor. We will run a examine for you and let you know if time has come to alter your password.

Smart Unlock

Make your life simpler. When you're using a trusted Wi-fi community similar to your own home hub, Smart Unlock grants you direct access to your apps by disabling the PIN code.

New: Fingerprint Sensor Support

Unlock secured apps with the tip of your finger on units with Fingerprint Sensor.

New: PIN Timeout

Someone else tries to achieve entry to your PIN protected apps? There shall be a 30-second timeout after every 5 consecutive incorrect makes an attempt.

Web Security

Whether you’re using Android’s default browser or Chrome, Web Security detects malicious content and keeps your shopping safe.


Lock, geo-locate, sound an alarm, and wipe your Android from any Internet linked device. Anti-Theft even allows you to eavesdrop on your telephone, and ship out SMS instructions. It will also provide you with a warning in case the SIM card has been modified.

Snap Photo

Active defense in opposition to thieves and intruders: your cellphone will snap a mugshot of any person who tries to tamper with your phone in your absence.

Privacy Advisor

Find out if any of your apps peek into your personal information and leak it on-line. Privacy Advisor also tells you when apps access the Internet without your information and obtain undesirable knowledge.

This app makes use of the Device Administrator permission.

This app uses Accessibility companies.

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