Altimeter professional

Altimeter professional

By FFZ srl

Altimeter professionalAltimeter professionalAltimeter professionalAltimeter professionalAltimeter professional

Professional altimeter. Very correct position and altitude detection. Through this Altimeter software you shall be able to know the real top of the place you might be. Very correct from a graphic viewpoint, it reproposes an analogue altimeter with digital measurement. It additionally shops the maximum top reached, very useful for climbing in the mountains. You can even view the standard and accuracy at any time. It uses each the GPS and the barometric sensor (for gadgets equipped) that can be activated by the choices.

You can see the altitude in meters or feet and calibrate the altitude from the settings panel.

You will have the power to document the altitude development over time and consider the relative graph, also monitoring the trend of the weather forecast primarily based on the barometric stress with the histogram graph.

With the operate take pictures, you can take personalized photographs (with the altitude and the place the place you are), share them with facebook, whatsapp, e-mail etc.

Possibility to ship an SMS in case of need to a contact you may have chosen with GPS coordinates and your place on the map.

Very attention-grabbing is also using the widget to be installed in the screen to maintain the altitude under control.

Some features:

- Professional algorithm for exact altitude detection in real time

- Trend in altitude time for excursions and walks

- SMS Alert system in case of need by sending the place to a chosen contact

- Accurate and real-time weather forecasts

- Function takes pictures with superimposed data

- Widget

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