Alarm clock with smooth melody

Alarm clock with smooth melody

By Max Wayne

Alarm clock with smooth melodyAlarm clock with smooth melodyAlarm clock with smooth melodyAlarm clock with smooth melodyAlarm clock with smooth melody

Alarm clock with out ads, in which I tried to mix the simplicity of the interface, ease of configuration and nice melodies for waking up. Waking softly, with out stress is the principle activity of my alarm clock. I tried to make it so that in the morning I didn't need to break the cellphone against the wall. It turned out or not - to evaluate you, pricey users.

The number of settings will permit you to create a comfortable way to wake up, appropriate for you. But if there is not any need to cope with the settings, then simply select the proper time and days of the week.

Large numbers and a power button might be convenient for people with low vision.

In the alarm clock, I added the following capabilities and features:

⏰ the power to turn off the alarm by flipping the cellphone or using the buttons

volume (individually adjustable)

⏰ varied melodies, the ability to set your own

⏰ the flexibility to set a pre-signal that will push you to wake up before the main signal

⏰ the power to alert by vibration. You can lower the quantity of the alarm clock, leaving solely vibration. Suitable for mothers in order not to wake the baby.

⏰ setting the switch time and the intervals between snoozes

⏰ gradual enhance in sign volume with a alternative of enhance speed

⏰ A variety of visible themes with the power to set your individual images on the wake-up display screen.

⏰adding notes to each alarm

⏰ the power to adjust the display brightness when the alarm goes off

⏰set automated alarm off

⏰various shutdown screens

⏰ desktop widgets for the power to regulate existing signals

The mixture of all these capabilities will present you with the opportunity to get up precisely as you need. You can configure each a gentle, delicate get up to a easy enhance within the volume of your favourite song, and an aggressive signal that will make you immediately get away from bed.

The capability to turn off in a selection of methods makes it attainable to blindly transfer the sign or postpone it (for example, you probably can set the sign to be delayed by turning the phone down by the screen and fully disabling the alarm by pressing the “volume up” key)

Important note!

If abruptly your alarm doesn't work or is triggered, however not on time, it signifies that you missed the Welcome screen and didn't comply with my advice on whitelisting for battery optimization modes on Android 6 and above. Drop the settings of the application or reinstall it, rigorously read what I wrote in the welcome message and carry out the required manipulations. There's nothing to be carried out, Android is struggling to survive the battery. If there are any issues after these steps, then your case is particular person, write to me at [email protected], we will perceive.

For translation into German, thanks to Ingo

You can obtain a free alarm clock with out ads and it goes to be a wonderful assistant for you every day! Pleasant awakening!

Typical questions:

Is the alarm free? There is no promoting in it? What's the catch?

There's no catch. I just enjoy programming, that is my interest, my fetish, why not share your crafts with different people.

- I did not have an alarm.

Did you perform the necessary manipulations from the recommendations on the beginning screen? If so, then write me someplace, we'll type it out together.

- Alarm clock will work on the cellphone off?

Unfortunately no. The phone should be switched on. The alarm clock works on prime of the system. The system is turned off - this system isn't operating.

- What's within the Deluxe version? How is she better than this?

There are not any fundamental variations. You should buy it if you would like to thank me with a mug of espresso. All themes and choices can be found in it.

Dear customers, when you have any questions or recommendations for improving the alarm clock, I will at all times be joyful to answer you in an email or in instagram @o_my_code ✌️

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