WiFi Analyzer Pro - WiFi Test

WiFi Analyzer Pro - WiFi Test

By WiFi Extender - WiFi Analyzer & WiFi Speed Test

WiFi Analyzer Pro - WiFi TestWiFi Analyzer Pro - WiFi TestWiFi Analyzer Pro - WiFi TestWiFi Analyzer Pro - WiFi TestWiFi Analyzer Pro - WiFi Test

The WiFi Analyzer software is used to Analyze and Optimize WiFi Networks by Detecting who is on my WiFi, testing WiFi Signal or Finding crowded signal and channel ranking.

The app will show WiFi channels round you and helps you to discover a less crowded channel in your wireless router.

WiFi Analyzer helps you optimize your WiFi community by analyzing surrounding WiFi networks, measuring their signal power as nicely as figuring out crowded channels.

In fact, WiFi Analyzer can also be highly effective WiFi Protector to Detect Who is on my WiFi. It might help you Block unusual gadgets to protect my WiFi Security.


- WiFi Channel Analyzer for Nearby APs.

- Supports 2.4GHz/5GHz.

- Provides you extra information on WiFi channels.

- Recommends the best channels.

- Detects crowded channels.

- Provides open Router Settings.

- Find Default Router Passwords

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