Task Killer

Task Killer

By AndroidRock

Task KillerTask KillerTask Killer

Do you know that your telephone runs slowly when there are too many background apps?

Do you want to pace up your phone with only one click?

Task Killer may help you!

Task Killer can help you to kill (close or stop) the operating apps of your telephone, release the memory and increase the speed of your phone!


* Kill selected apps: You can choose the operating apps and kill them with only one click on.

* Auto Kill: Kill the apps routinely to stop the apps to restart after being killed. Keep your phone in good situation all the time.

* Ignore List: Add or take away app from ignore list so as to filter important apps.

* Memory status: Show the usage of your whole memory, and present the usage of each operating apps in order that you know which app consumes probably the most memory.

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