Quelea Mobile Lyrics

Quelea Mobile Lyrics

By Quelea

Quelea Mobile LyricsQuelea Mobile LyricsQuelea Mobile LyricsQuelea Mobile LyricsQuelea Mobile Lyrics

Quelea Mobile Lyrics allows you to view what presently is live within the free church projection software Quelea. The app uses the software program's native function that's available for all browsers however with a number of added options.


· Lyrics of the energetic slide

· Change textual content and background color

· Activate chords (if available)

· Full-screen view

· Store server URL

· Scan QR code to attach or enter URL manually

· Translate textual content via Bing

· Download music translations from Quelea (requires newest nightly build)

· Automatically download translation of present bible passage from YouVersion (requires latest nightly build)

· Auto-connect (optional)

· Disable back button (optional)


· Quelea 2015.3 Beta (or later)

· Mobile Lyrics server activated (http://quelea.org/wiki/index.php/Mobile_Lyrics#Activating_Mobile_Lyrics)

· Access to the same network as the server

Known points:

· None


· Full community access - Only used to hook up with the Quelea server. The app can be used with no Internet connection so long as it has entry to the identical community because the server.

· Prevent telephone from sleeping - Means that the display screen is saved active as long as the app is running. It is possible to manually flip off the display screen at any time.

· View Wi-Fi connections - Used in auto-connect function to search out server IP.

· Take photos and videos - Only used to open the digicam when scanning a QR code.

How to set up the auto-connect feature

1. Open up the .quelea folder (for Windows users it is usually situated C:Usersusername.quelea).

2. Open the quelea.properties file with a textual content editor (like Notepad, not Word or similar).

3. Add the following line to the underside of the file: use.auto.detect.server=true

If you discover any bugs or have any problems getting began, simply ship me an e-mail. Also, let me know if you have any suggestions or suggestions.

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