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MessagEase Keyboard

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MessagEase KeyboardMessagEase KeyboardMessagEase KeyboardMessagEase KeyboardMessagEase Keyboard

****** The issue is mounted with our latest launch v.12.sixteen *****

MessagEase is a VERY totally different keyboard, unlike any keyboard you’ve seen or experienced earlier than. It's NOT a QWERTY keyboard! So If you're on the lookout for yet another QWERTY keyboard with bells and whistles, MessagEase isn't what you're looking for!

But if you're open to new ideas and up for experiencing a very new method of writing -- with a keyboard designed for ease, velocity and accuracy -- you'll be pleasantly, even shockingly, surprised at how properly, how exact, how straightforward, and how briskly you can textual content with MessagEase. Our present champion’s speed is eighty two WPM! That's eighty two Words Per Minute (most individuals do not sort practically that fast with ten fingers!)

Since MessagEase is very totally different, you have to spend a couple of minutes to get used to it. Hundreds of hundreds of individuals have, and so they think it’s properly worth doing so, since MessagEase saves them hours and hours of agony. With MessagEase you sort precisely what you need. No extra embarrassing auto-corrects; no extra guessing!

We have lots of movies that can help you turn out to be conversant in MessagEase rapidly.


There are many more on our YouTube channel.

Also, we've created MessagEase Game (Available free of charge on Google Play) that can assist you study MessagEase and come up to speed with it whereas having enjoyable. MessagEase Game incorporates several entertaining studying games.

MessagEase is the world's most innovative contact display screen keyboard, revolutionizing textual content entry on cell units. It's the neatest keyboard for smartwatches, smartphones and tablets where the QWERTY keyboard is impractical or very inefficient. MessagEase is the perfect keyboard for Google Glass or some other wearable device.

MessagEase essentially has 9 giant keys with an ingenious letter project that is designed to maximise your velocity and to ease your writing. It could take you a couple of minutes to study this new method of writing. But you'll save hours by texting and writing faster.

To see our directions and descriptions, from the keyboard, Please press and maintain on the Hand button.

****Please notice: We don't have any way of responding to your comments should you submit them on the market! If you have a question, please email us: [email protected]

MessagEase relies on a few years of scientific research; it makes use of letter frequency and di-gram data to optimize the place of letters and characters on a novel keyboard with fewer, larger buttons. (That’s why the letter positions are NON-QWERTY!)

This novel letter place is often very shocking--even intimidating--at first. But persevere and soon you'll discover it intuitive and very sensible.

MessagEase keyboard also contains word prediction. To keep the package gentle, the word lists required for word prediction is supplied in separate modules that you download optionally. Please lengthy press on Hand and then go to Settings Languages Keyboards Word Prediction for how to set it up.

Please also note that you could change the keyboard size by dragging up/down on the Hand button. You also can reshape and recolor the keyboard in various methods. See Settings for details. You can even change the font used for the keyboard; you can even re-assign new characters or disguise and remove a few of the characters: sure, it is customizable like no different keyboard you've ever seen.

If you like MessagEase, please tell others about it, and please make certain to fee and comment about it on Google Play.

Again, please write to us if you encounter any issue.

Thank you!

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