Tape Measure (PFA)

Tape Measure (PFA)

By SECUSO Research Group

Tape Measure (PFA)Tape Measure (PFA)Tape Measure (PFA)

Privacy Friendly Tape Measure can measure the dimensions of objects in pictures based mostly on objects of identified sizes (e.g. coins) in the identical picture. Just find a coin or other reference object of a recognized dimension, put it subsequent to the item you need measured and take a picture. Make certain all objects are in the identical stage and the image is taken perpendicularly to it. Now you can mark the reference object within the picture and measure any length or area you want!

Privacy Friendly Tape Measure belongs to the Privacy Friendly Apps group developed by the research group SECUSO at Technische Universität Darmstadt. More information may be discovered an https://secuso.org/pfa

Privacy Friendly Tape Measure also can display rulers or a protractor on the display. Use this to shortly measure small objects or to chop a pizza in six equal slices. Yum!

What makes Privacy Friendly Tape Measure completely different from different comparable apps?

1. Fewer permissions

Privacy Friendly Tape Measure uses only the Read External Storage permission. It needs it because most footage on your cellphone are situated on the SD-card as opposed to the interior telephone reminiscence.

2. No advertisement

Many other free apps within the Google Play Store dazzle you with annoying advertisements which additionally shorten battery life.

You can attain us via

Twitter - @SECUSOResearch (https://twitter.com/secusoresearch)

Mastodon - @[email protected]ü.social (https://xn--baw-joa.social/@SECUSO_Research/)

Job opening - https://secuso.aifb.kit.edu/english/Job_Offers_1557.php

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