Simplified Chinese Keyboard

Simplified Chinese Keyboard

By Linpus Technologies, Inc.

Simplified Chinese KeyboardSimplified Chinese KeyboardSimplified Chinese KeyboardSimplified Chinese KeyboardSimplified Chinese Keyboard

Linpus Keyboard is probably one of the most sensible input technique. It supports English, Chinese PinYin (Full layout and nine-grid easy layout) and handwriting enter method.

The primary function of Linpus keyboard (IME) are:

* Simplified Chinese vocabulary error-correction characteristic;

* Simplified Chinese vocabulary fuzzy-input-method;

* Simplified Chinese vocabulary prediction;

* Simplified Chinese vocabulary memory function;

* Simplified Chinese sentence enter function;

* Chinese and English combined input help;

* English prediction and next phrase prediction;

* Local handle book contact feature;

* Voice input methodology;

* Handwriting input methodology, support full display;

* Keyboard format candidate view fling animation support;

* Keyboard layout candidate view gesture assist;

* Emoji and Emotion help.

Note: To be used in your Android device(Smart Phone or Tablet), LinpusIME have to be enabled in Settings-Language keyboard settings.

Search key phrases:

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v1.2.9 Update List:

1. Adjust the 9-Grid structure, make it more beautiful;

2. Add format button size setting;

3. Add pink theme and delete Chinese new year theme;

4. Fix rotation in handwriting layout will crash problem.

v1.2.2 Update List:

1. Add auto correction mechanism;

2. Add handwriting half and full screen swap;

3. In the pill cut up keyboard add 9-Grid digits;

4. Add wood theme and China new yr theme.

v1.2.1 Update List:

1. Add English next phrase prediction;

2. Add emotion button on candidate view bar;

3. Change symbol layout and switching SPEC.

v1.2.0 Update List:

1. Add handwriting setting: person can choose the trace shade;

2. Add direction pad in candidate view to simpler edit text;

3. Modify punctuation: simpler to make use of;

4. Add some new words;

5. Fix XML parse error problem.

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