Precision GPS Free

Precision GPS Free

By sciencewithandroid

'Precision GPS Free' makes use of your system's GPS sensor to measure your location more accurately than is feasible with typical GPS apps. Turn your cellphone or pill right into a precision GPS instrument.

Normally, software program in your Android gadget determines your location from particular person GPS readings. This is fine in case your are thinking about getting your location to inside about 10 meters. However, it's possible to do better than this should you average many readings at a particular location.

This app is designed to just do that -- average many readings of a stationary Android device to get a more accurate location; it actually calculates a weighted common, accounting for the accuracy of each studying. The trade-off is time. You will want to wait a least a couple of minutes to get a excessive accuracy common location.

'Precision GPS Free' shows the next info on the primary display screen:

-'start/stop' button,

-'reset' button,

-battery energy remaining as share,

-current latitude and longitude,

-round number,

-elapsed time,

-number of GPS satellites in view,

-number of GPS satellites employed in fixing location,

-signal-to-noise ratio of sign from each satellite,

-accuracy of the current readings,

-weighted average (mean) latitude and longitude,

-graph of the present latitude and longitude (white related points) and the average value (red dot),

-bounding 'scale field' (green) round imply place with a width and a top of 2 meters.

The reset button is inactive while readings are being taken. It can be utilized after the 'stop' button is pressed. If the measurements are stopped and then began once more with out urgent the reset button, then solely the 'elapsed time' worth is reset.

The latitude and longitude values are shown on the graph. North is in course of the highest and east is towards the best, as in a map. The graph routinely rescales to include the acute values of longitude and latitude each time it updates the graph (every four seconds). The inexperienced scale box isn't all the time sq. in form, since the graph latitude scale just isn't essentially the same as the graph scale in longitude.

The app instances out after 30 seconds if the gadget can't get a satellite fix.

A 'settings' display supplies an choice to maintain the screen constantly on whereas the app is working.

Localization language support is provided for French, German, and Spanish.

This app does not save or transmit any personal data, together with location or footage. All the required permissions relate to the GPS operation and the ads.

Applications of 'Precision GPS Free' include navigation, geocaching, prospecting, emergencies, surveying a property, observational astronomy, and archaeology.

A pro model of this app can also be available, called 'Precision GPS Pro'. It adds elevation and HDOP, PDOP, VDOP knowledge and options to save the location (and copy to the clipboard), change the interval that readings are taken, display UTM coordinates, display a sky map of the active satellite positions, run in the background, change the format of the coordinates, and ship the typical coordinates to a mapping app, corresponding to 'Google Maps.' The professional model can additionally be ad-free.

If you've any ideas for enhancements or downside reports, please contact us at [email protected]

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