Free Multi Clipboard Manager

Free Multi Clipboard Manager

By Lufick

Free Multi Clipboard ManagerFree Multi Clipboard ManagerFree Multi Clipboard ManagerFree Multi Clipboard ManagerFree Multi Clipboard Manager

A multi platform Clipboard Manager App that's designed to make users the last word organiser of copy, paste and preserving important notes which nonetheless simplifies the copy paste operations on smartphones.

Problem: You can't copy a quantity of phrases together in any smartphone. You can solely copy and keep one phrase at a time. It can also be time consuming to kind every little thing (Name, Email, address....etc) again and again whenever you need.

Solution: Use Smart Multi Clipboard Manager which lets you copy any variety of phrases, keeps them in stack so you can use any of them at anytime rapidly. The Notes characteristic enables you to write and save any detail so you'll be able to paste anytime later.

Why Multi Platform?

Use this app on Smartphones, Tablets as a end result of this synchronises and retains similar content material on all units irrespective of the place you copy and could be accessed as properly from laptop using the Web App.

Complete App Instruction obtainable on:

What makes us different:

Launched new quick Website App (Website) to access all copied clipboards or notes by signing in with identical consumer account you might be logged in in your cellular gadget.

Web App obtainable on: (Accessible from PC as well)

Notes and Clipboard Synchronization between a number of devices with Web Sync Feature.

Multi Copy Feature: The app lets you copy a quantity of objects at a time and mechanically retailer them on the clipboard in stack to access whenever required on the destined place.

Easy Reach to Other Apps: The copied content saved on the clipboard may be accessed and pasted at various other purposes instantly utilizing the Smart Multi Clipboard.

Unlimited: Create limitless classes, unlimited size of clip content and unlimited notes.

Easy Reach to Other Apps: The copied content material saved on the clipboard can be accessed and pasted at varied other functions directly utilizing the Smart Multi Clipboard.

Easy OTP Accessibility: The OTP code is auto-viewed and copied. A notification appears on the display screen displaying the OTP code to manually enter it at the required vacation spot.

• Mighty Bubble: The bubble touch lets open the Smart Multi Clipboard App which then allows the accessibility of already copied gadgets. The bubble could be enabled or disabled using the appliance settings.

* Automatic backup: You don’t must backup your information every time, SMC does it

* Instant and easy access: Access your notes and Clipboards immediately.

* Compatible with every Android model 4.4 and up.

* Clipboard Journal: A clipboard listing supervisor capabilities.

* Clipboard Monitor: Keeps a history of saved notes and clipboard.

* Copy paste manager- Manages all of your copy paste gadgets.

* Text manager- Manage all of your text irrespective of the scale.

* Easy Copy- Get your text copied easily.

* Notes organiser- Organises all of your notes, and makes it simple to look.

* Auto OTP reader- Read OTP mechanically because it arrives.

* Auto OTP detect- Detect OPT mechanically with out going to the inbox individually.

* Multiple gadget synchronization- Don’t limit your self to a single system.

* Device synchronizer- Connect multiple gadget via by logging through a single google account on the app.

* Direct copy and paste- You just copy paste will comply with routinely.

* finest app for copy paste- Haste free app which lets you get pleasure from copy paste.

* Large text copy paste app- Don’t worry concerning the restrict of the text or notes.

Let us know your suggestions:

We tend to supply finest companies to our customers and so We value your feedback!

Whether you've a bug report, complaint, concern, a suggestion or an enthusiastic evaluate, please tell us at [email protected] as a end result of it both helps us enhance our app or gives us the immense emotions we love working for!

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