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The Devil's Plan on Netflix: Cast, expected release date, and more – Sportskeeda


Adding to Netflix’s new embarkation of Korean-based reality survival shows, The Devil’s Plan continues to intrigue viewers, as they eagerly look forward to watching it. The show gathers twelve contestants coming from various different fields such as the K-drama actor Ha Seok-jin, K-pop idol SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, American-based lawyer So Dong-joo, and more.
The crux of the reality show, The Devil’s Plan, is to put the twelve differently talented individuals through a series of mind games that they must pass within in a span of one week. The ultimate goal is to identify the smartest or wittiest contestant who can successfully pass these challenges. The winner of the show will be awarded a massive cash prize of 500 million Korean won.
Directed and produced by the well-known reality show producer, Jung Jong-yeon, the show’s expectations are raised even further, creating an increased sense of anticipation among viewers.
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When Netflix initially announced its latest reality survival show, fans were thrilled and excited for the same, given the plot’s similarities to the famous K-drama series that took over the world, Squid Game. This excitement only grows as the streaming platform reveals the contestants who will be participating in the show.
On July 26, 2023, Netflix uploaded a list of twelve contestants coming from different fields to compete against each other in their upcoming mind-bending survival game.
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Check out all the twelve contestants of The Devil’s Plan and their occupations.
In addition to the minimal information we’ve been revealed about the contestants, the show’s director gives his own perspectives on the participants of The Devil’s Plan. Upon his observation of the contestants and their performance through the week-long camp, where they had to engage in mind-bending games, Jung Jong-yeon picked out the strengths of each player.
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The Devil’s Plan‘s director continued,
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Adding about the charms of the non-celebrity players on The Devil’s Plan, he said,
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While there’s still no official date announced for the release of The Devil’s Plan, it’s expected to roll out in the coming months, before the end of 2023. Fans are quite excited about the show, and given the promising cast and the reputation of Jung Jong-yeon’s reality shows, people can hardly wait for it to hit the screens.
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