Rage of Kings - Kings Landing

Rage of Kings - Kings Landing

By Gekko Game

Rage of Kings - Kings LandingRage of Kings - Kings LandingRage of Kings - Kings LandingRage of Kings - Kings LandingRage of Kings - Kings Landing

My lord, enemies are closing in! They want your land, your gold and your crown! We need you to lead us, increase a large fantasy army, and crush our enemies as soon as and for all!!!

★★★★ CITY★★★★

- Construct and improve your castle, farms, army barracks, hospital, and extra, all to ensure you can survive severe PvP PvE attacks.

- Research and forge FAST for cutting-edge ways and armor.

- Craft new gear units, and equip magical gadgets such as Silver Knight Armor to extend attributes.

- Increase your stats with the faculty, and research applied sciences.

★★★★ CONQUEST ★★★★

- Sweep the battlefield in big real-time PvP matches!

- Vanquish roaming monsters for their treasures, from horrific White Walkers to large Giants.

- Attack other player’s castles to plunder their resources and climb the power rankings!

★★★★ RESOURCES ★★★★

- Wisely deploy resources to guarantee you all the time have enough to maintain your metropolis and army.

- Break up the Fog correctly to find a way to discover and gather more precious sources than different lords.

- A cunning emperor won't rely solely on his own manufacturing, but will enterprise via his castle gates to raid and lay siege to rival castles to complement his needs.

★★★★ ALLIANCE ★★★★

- Forge diplomatic and strategic alliances with world players all in actual time.

- Befriend, duel and chat with gamers from globe in real-time.

- Talk strategize with your alliance members in Global Chats - Alliance Chat, 1 on 1 Chat, or Chat with the whole world.

- Rally collectively to take down enemies you would never face alone!

- Assist each other to hurry up the progress of buildings and research.

- Share and increase the Field of View (FOV) with allies and get a good wider FOV by becoming a member of an alliance.


- Attack and occupy the Throne to become the King.

- Become the King and rule the dominion. Repay your allies and destroy your enemies.

- Give buffs and particular titles to gamers in your kingdom, in addition to kingdom buffs.

- Grow your metropolis, protect it from the specter of evil lords, and mark your rightful place in the historical past books as a real King!


- Immerse yourself in the dark world of fantasy and myth.

- Amazing setting with Day/Night Mode on native time.

- Spectacularly animated RTS battles.

- A medieval fantasy world shrouded in Fog awaits you to find it.

- Knights, Elves, Dragon Warriors, Toxic Manticores and more incredible creatures await you on the battlefield!


- THIS is a game you won’t be succesful of put down as your display will continually be lit up with new battles, chats, campaigns, upgrades and new kingdoms that are opening all the time.

- If you want multiplayer strategy games, you’ll love this sport where you have to battle to survive!

Enemies or Friends? Repay or actual Revenge? My lord, download Rage of Kings and start building your realm now! Rule the lands in the motion packed world of Rage of Kings.

Connect with Rage of Kings!

Facebook: https://www.fb.com/RageofKings

NOTE: We take dishonest and hacking very seriously! If a player is indeed discovered to HACK in any means, his/her game account will face the risk of being banned permanently.

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