Mythgard CCG

Mythgard CCG

By Monumental, LLC

Mythgard CCGMythgard CCGMythgard CCGMythgard CCGMythgard CCG

Set in a contemporary world filled with magic, Mythgard is a collectible card recreation that offers distinctive lore, tactical gameplay, and strategic deck building. Mythgard's intelligent gameplay depth harkens back to the good early days of the style, and its feature-rich methods offer many ways to play.


• Play solo, 1v1, or deliver a good friend for 2v2

• Collect 400 cards that includes attractive art

• Master quick, tactical gameplay

• Enchant the distinctive battlefield to enhance your tactics

• Explore a compelling story

• Battle through story, draft, and rank modes

• Spectator Mode and Replays

Strategic Choice

Mythgard is a CCG that permits for intelligent and interactive choices. Experience a unique sport with fast and fluid tactical motion. Use spells, minions, enchantments, and artifacts to vanquish your opponents. Every play could mark the distinction between victory and defeat. Your deck isn't restricted to a single class or faction, opening a world of limitless chance.

A World of Myth Made Real

Mythgard is the gatherer of legends globally. Gods of ancient legend stroll the modern world in Mythgard. Many of the greatest deities have not been seen in millenia, but creatures of fable still rival jets for control of the skies. Mortals now rise to contest with these ancient beings. In Mythgard, players are gatherers of each the sting of expertise and the magic of fable as they battle for dominance over the powers of an earlier age.

A Battlefield Like No Other

Place your minions and enchantments strategically on Mythgard’s unique battle board and open up intelligent plays. Create mighty artifacts that alter the basic rules of the sport. Cast highly effective spells to open gaps in your adversary's defenses and cost as the tide of battle shifts in your favor.

Free Means Free

Every card could be earned through play, and you may be the gatherer of your assortment in any method you choose! A variety of PvE modes present day by day rewards, whereas an equal number of PvP modes let you check your skill in opposition to the ultimate opponent - different players!

Single Player Campaign

Explore the world of Mythgard in an intensive single-player campaign as the many factions battle to be the gatherers of power. Use the playing cards you earn to learn the sport play, build your abilities, and hone your intelligent strategies. The campaign allows you to study the characteristics of every shade faction, bounce start your card collection, and most significantly - take pleasure in your Mythgard adventure.

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