Clash of Warpath: Wild Rift

Clash of Warpath: Wild Rift


Clash of Warpath: Wild RiftClash of Warpath: Wild RiftClash of Warpath: Wild RiftClash of Warpath: Wild RiftClash of Warpath: Wild Rift

Clash of Wars Mobile Lol: Wild Rift - Hero Battle is a strategy warfare recreation which integrates the weather of hero cultivation, citadel tower defense and alliance confrontation.

As commanders, players can recruit and prepare greater than 50 superheroes, and expertise alternative ways of playing, such as base construction, castle attack and protection, hero area, zombie assault, alliance struggle, cross-server kingdom warfare, and so forth.

==Game Features==


•Summon more than 50 superheroes in the wish pool, choose the best heroes to form different groups. Cultivate superheroes, awaken their tremendous ability, activate their exclusive artifact, and constantly improve their energy to cope with numerous difficulties and challenges.


•You can place defensive constructing freely in the base, and ship superheroes to protect the base. Use your brains and strategies to construct a stable city defense system to resist the sneak attack of other players and the invasion of the zombies within the Apocalypse.


•Form an alliance with your recreation friends and lead heroes and soldiers to overcome other lords. Develop and strengthen your individual energy in the conflict. Participate in alliance battles and kingdom wars with allies, build an impressive empire, achieve hegemony, and write a superb legend!


•Lead your superheroes to discover the relics of Atlantis. Seize the chance to release active skills and hit an explosive injury immediately if you problem the beast. Defeat the ultimate boss, and win generous rewards.

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