Seven Hearts

Seven Hearts


Seven HeartsSeven HeartsSeven HeartsSeven HeartsSeven Hearts

Boisterous Battle! Seven Hearts!

Team up together with your heroes and fight against Undeads!

Play with your own technique with an enormous tank and a legendary heroes supporting your fast hand actions and your individual technique.

Only thrilling victory will at all times be with you!

★ Compete with a hero of seven classes

Build your individual unit with seven kinds of heroes, Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Defender, Wizard, Golem, and Warlord!

The 300 special heroes who dream of successful with you're upgraded and strengthened by way of development and reinforcement.

★ Give the most effective Weapon to the hero

Make the best equipment to take care of the enemies.

Once the collection is accomplished, there will be a special reward!

★ Get Tank for back up!

Support the team with the large tank, each empowered with particular abilities!

A numerous and unique tank would be the cornerstone for victory!

★ Battle with the guardian!

Summon a strong guardian deity to attain victory!

★ Prove yourself!

It isn't just the story mode of the stage.

Real-time Rank PVP, Dungeon Battle, Boss Battle, and even Guild Raid with Guild members

Show off your own hero staff and excellent strategy in numerous contents!

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