Clash of Panzer: Tank Battle

Clash of Panzer: Tank Battle


Clash of Panzer: Tank BattleClash of Panzer: Tank BattleClash of Panzer: Tank BattleClash of Panzer: Tank BattleClash of Panzer: Tank Battle

Select your tank, armored automobile or helicopter. Experience quick pace modern warfare!

Authentic Vehicles

Kingtiger, Panther, T-72, T-90, Leopard II, Chieftain, AH-64, M2 Bradley, AH-1, UH-60 Black Hawk, multiple historical well-known car await your command!

Combat Modes

Single Combat, Team Battle and Campaign Mode, each mode has its personal unique gameplay and goal. But nevertheless, destroy all enemy will all the time be the surest method to win!

Various Tactics

Every vehicle has multiple parts which could probably be ungraded. Increasing the fireplace energy of your tank, increasing the maneuverability of your armoured automobile and efficiency of your helicopter, get into a quick tempo multi-arms combat!

International Teams

Fight with your friend against players from every nook of the world, Hold your place after which attack. We don`t have DEFEAT in our dictionary!

Download Clash of Panzer, expertise the joy of warfare!


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