Organ Trail: Director #39;s Cut

Organ Trail: Director #39;s Cut

By The Men Who Wear Many Hats LLC

Organ Trail: Director #39;s CutOrgan Trail: Director #39;s CutOrgan Trail: Director #39;s CutOrgan Trail: Director #39;s CutOrgan Trail: Director #39;s Cut

------- Latest replace consists of save game restoration that ought to routinely recover your outdated achievements, skulls, tombstones, and campaign save!!! -------

**Touch Arcade - 9/10 Organ Trail: Director's Cut is a weird, fantastic and almost surprisingly expansive expertise that may both infuriate and enchant.**

**148 Apps - 9/10 Virtually every facet of Organ Trail: Director’s Cut oozes fashion and cleverness.**

**Jay Is Games - Organ Trail: Director's Cut is a quirky, darkly humorous, and off-beat love letter to retro gaming.**

**Game Trailers - It’s definitely one of the extra intense and cerebral zombie games out there**


Organ Trail is a retro zombie survival recreation. Travel westward in a station wagon with 4 of your mates, scavenging for supplies and keeping off the undead. Members of your party would possibly die of dysentery otherwise you might need to place them down yourself once they get bit. Faithfully recreated it as if it were on the Apple 2, Organ Trail provides wonderful 16 shade art and retro beeps and boops. Packed filled with zombie mechanics, themes and references; this can be a must have for any zombie survival followers.

Created by a small indie staff in Chicago, The Men Who Wear Many Hats are very excited to launch with this game as their first industrial product, funded by our Kickstarter fans.

-Name your celebration after your folks and watch them die slowly

-Hours of gameplay

-Get dysentery and 9 other illnesses

-Scavenge for provides whilst you fight back the undead

-Manage your food, ammo, gas, medkits and more in your battle to survive

-Put down infected party members who may activate you

-Stop at cities to trade, take jobs and repair your automotive

-Car upgrades

-Fight off bandits

-Zombie boss fights

-Choice driven encounters on the road

-A climate system and day night time cycle

-Huge soundtrack and delicious Apple 2 pixel artwork

-28 Achievements

-Survivor leaderboards

-400 neighborhood written tombstones

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