Operation Luttich: Falaise Gap

Operation Luttich: Falaise Gap

By Joni Nuutinen

Operation Luttich: Falaise GapOperation Luttich: Falaise GapOperation Luttich: Falaise GapOperation Luttich: Falaise GapOperation Luttich: Falaise Gap

Operation Luttich 1944. From Joni Nuutinen: by a wargamer for the wargamers since 2011

Do you've the talents and nerves to push exhausted Wehrmacht forces to Avranches by way of the fierce Allied resistance and numbing bombardment to cut off US Armies breaking out from Normandy whereas German flanks are crumbling all around you?

Situation on 7th of August 1944: British and Canadian troops had tied down elite German formations close to Caen whereas the complete US Third Army had broken through from Normandy to Brittany by way of Avranches.

However, German HQ realized that by advancing simply 30 km (20 miles) from Mortain to Avranches they could minimize off the First and Third US Army.

This was a lot to ask from weary German units, however this was the completely last likelihood to contain the Allied landings in Normandy area, maybe even pushing the Allies again into the ocean, and in the end change the course of the struggle.

Surely throwing 8 battle-hardened Panzer and Waffen SS Divisions towards a small sector of the front line may push it forward a short distance of 30 km? In addition Germans dedicated all their Luftwaffe reserves into this endeavor, named Operation Lüttich.

The Allies realized that if they could include this last German try to take the initiative in Normandy and swing across the American forces which had damaged through, they could have the power to encircle the seventh German Army and the Fifth Panzer Army in the Falaise area.

The only one thing was certain: At the end of this maneuvering both several German or American armies can be cut off and that side would endure losses measured in lots of of thousands of males - the dimensions up to now unprecedented on WWII Western Front.


Thanks to all of the in-built variation and the sport's good AI technology, each sport offers a unique war gaming experience.

In order to be a victorious common, you have to learn to coordinate your assaults in two methods. First, as adjoining units give help to an attacking unit, maintain your items in teams in order to achieve native superiority. Secondly, it is rarely one of the best thought to use brute force when it is attainable to encircle the enemy and cut off its provide traces instead.

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