Katy Bob: Our Safari Café

Katy Bob: Our Safari Café

By 8Floor company

Katy Bob: Our Safari CaféKaty Bob: Our Safari CaféKaty Bob: Our Safari CaféKaty Bob: Our Safari CaféKaty Bob: Our Safari Café

Katy and Bob arrived house from their adventures, made up with their dad and began planning a brand new journey.

“Want to go to the Vikings Village park in Norway, huh Katy? Their yearly restaurant games are on now.”

“All that village life isn’t for us, Bob! Especially since we’ve been planning a tour around Asia for ages.

Just think about it, we’ll see the Great Wall! It’s an entire stronghold constructed to guard in opposition to tribal raids!”

“Katy, the last tribe that saw those walls was long before we had been born. HG, the Emperor of China had all of the insights into the method to stop the raids and shield his kingdom, and in addition his settlers.”

“You’re so uninteresting, Bob! Then let’s go to Singapore! They say it’s the most effective town to live in, and likewise helpful. We’ll have a cookout on the seaside.”

“I’d want to drink espresso, as in Roma, you remember? Best espresso I ever had! Are there espresso retailers in Singapore?”

“I don’t even know, Bob. Our realtor lives there, we should always get in touch and discover out! I bear in mind he had some type of cooking craze.”

“I all the time thought he paints figurines. Once I saw him portray a household of gnomes. Or had been they brownies?”

“They had been orcs, Bob! An orc and his tribe. They wrote about those figurines in the Evening Chronicle. His orc took first place in a miniatures competitors, and he received a Traeger grill.”

“That’s an excellent grill! Did I imagine it, Katie, or was that the doorbell?”

“It have to be the postman!”

It actually was the postman, with a letter from their associates on the island. Our heroes have been invited to open a cafe in the native safari park. Not wanting to miss such an exciting likelihood, the whole pleased family set off on a journey to open a brand new business.

The island adventures continue!

Brace your self for colourful locations, thrilling levels, fun characters, bonus duties on every level, an upgradable group, all kinds of trophies, simple gameplay for any age, pleasant music and a charming plot. You’ll never say: Gamestop! whereas enjoying this recreation. Prepare to be enthralled! Sick of zombie castaways? Then tackle superb cooking fever and let the zombies wait, sadly groaning off to the side. Abandon your Tablet for Katy and Bob!

Katy and Bob: onwards to safari cafes!

- Kitchen games will never look the same!

- 3 colorful locations

- 60 exciting levels

- Over 10 joyful characters and even a supremacy assistant!

- bonus duties on each level

- upgradable team

- tons of trophies

- easy gameplay for any age

- fun music

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