Gnomes Garden 6: The Lost King

Gnomes Garden 6: The Lost King

By 8floor games ltd

Gnomes Garden 6: The Lost KingGnomes Garden 6: The Lost KingGnomes Garden 6: The Lost KingGnomes Garden 6: The Lost KingGnomes Garden 6: The Lost King

Gnomes Garden is one of the best sport for followers of building and time management!

The princess of our fairytale kingdom grew up and obtained married way back. But one day, her beloved husband went searching and didn’t come back. He disappeared along with his entire retinue. When it happened, almost all his topics were at a pet show within the castle’s central sq.. The princess was pouring lemonade and serious about her beautiful backyard. Only a couple of days earlier than, she and her husband had agreed that they might design the backyard together. He grumbled somewhat, in fact – he’d rather consider methods for creating the dominion or constructing new villages for settlers – but he rapidly agreed. Right at that second, some lords rode as much as her, breathing exhausting and bearing dangerous news.

“Terrible information, my queen! The king is missing!”

“What!? Who dared to do this?”

“I don’t know. We have been hunting near the citadel, next to the woodcutters’ village. The king said that when we returned to the citadel, we had to prepare a picnic for you and provide you with a couple of cute little puppies! But suddenly, there was a noise and a strange crack where the king was. We ran towards where he was, however there was no sign of him – it was as if he’d disappeared into skinny air!”

“There have to be magic concerned here. We have to search out him as quickly as potential. Gather everybody, we’re setting off!”

Then the princess swore to search out the king and produce him home, and set off together with her loyal pals looking for him!

Dive into an exciting journey across fantastic worlds in this thrilling informal fantasy strategy sequel – Gnomes Garden: Where's the King?

Settlers in trouble? Farm stopped bearing fruit? Puppies asking for too much food? Tribes affected by an invasion of trolls? Play Caesar and use cautious resource administration and an uncommon method to help everyone!

A multitude of quests, over 40 levels in 4 distinctive worlds – all this awaits you proper now. Restore historic buildings, acquire magical harvests, rigorously distribute sources. All that is the necessary thing to success. Simple controls and a helpful tutorial will let you easily grasp the game’s basics. If you get in a troublesome spot, don’t forget in regards to the princess’s mighty magic!

Gnomes Garden: Where's the King? – save the king and return prosperity!

- An unusual magical world. Always communicate with the assistance of ancient dovecotes.

- An uplifting plot, colorful comics and memorable characters!

- A multitude of various quests that the princess has never encountered earlier than.

- New trophies.

- Over forty distinctive levels.

- Treacherous enemies: cave trolls, indignant hornets and… sheep..

- A number of areas and seasons: autumn, a seashore, a desert and a swamp.

- Useful bonuses: speed up work, stop time and run fast.

- Simple controls and a helpful tutorial.

- Over 35 hours of exciting gameplay for any age.

- Pleasant themed music.

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