Castle Clash - World King

Castle Clash - World King

By 幻想娛樂科技

Castle Clash - World KingCastle Clash - World KingCastle Clash - World KingCastle Clash - World KingCastle Clash - World King

★★★ All-server competitors, shocking start, Castle Hegemony invitations you to write good together! ★★★

This is an era of competition for hegemony! Castle hegemony ushered in a model new period. Lords from all regions of the world gathered in Nakia Continent to compete for the supreme glory of the world's quantity one! The smoke of gunpowder rises once more, only the sturdy will win. In the top, who's the one overlord of this continent? allow us to wait and see!

In this unprecedented international battle, you will compete with lords from everywhere in the world. Or stand by and help the battle, and wager on the victory of the heroes, it's all up to you, the lord!

Castle Clash is a fast-paced warfare technique sport where you play as a lord, build your citadel to grow your energy, and lead your heroes, Use powerful magic to beat enemy cities. Build your individual magnificent empire, and at last obtain immortal greatness and write your magnificent chapter!

【Game Features】

✔ A number of city upgrade planning routes to turn your town into an unbreakable fortress!

✔ Hero style enhancements make your heroes both lovely and powerful!

✔ Minimalist operation, gorgeous and highly effective magic, condensed at your fingertips, destroying all obstacles for you.

✔ Recruit heroes with extraordinary talents, who, honed in battle, will build immortal feats for you.

✔ Compete against different gamers' heroes within the Arena for the title of the strongest overlord.

★ The new Horcrux system makes your heroes powerful.

★ Various skins and fashion techniques bring a wealthy visual experience.

★ Compete for the flame, occupy the points, fight for the alliance, and compete for the imperial city, only for the supreme glory.

★ Team up with your folks and work together to problem a quantity of dungeons.

★ Share the enemy, and cooperate with the whole server to struggle the attack of General Oblivion.

★ Open the period of cute pets. Under cautious cultivation, they'll show their style on the battlefield.

★ Challenge grasp dungeons and win epic heroes.

★ Who can dominate the entire server? Brand new PvP system - world king, ready for you to fight!

Attention! This game requires an internet connection.

【Related Information】

Taiwan Distributor: Fantasy Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.

Facebook: /

According to the sport software classification management technique, this software is for tutoring 12-year-olds, and solely these over 12 can use it.

This game is free to download, and the game also provides paid providers similar to purchasing virtual sport currency and objects.

Please pay consideration to the usage time and keep away from indulging in the sport.

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