Glory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLG

Glory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLG

By EasyTech

Glory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLGGlory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLGGlory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLGGlory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLGGlory of Generals 3 - WW2 SLG

The World War 2 has come, now it is the time to steer your military and conquer the battlefield. You will be a great commander and make your own military history.

Join the struggle with more than 100 famous generals in the battle. Cooperate with your favorite camp and give the best command to Manstein, Guderian, Zhukov, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Montgomery, Patton, Rommel and lots of other generals. Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of war schema, use your strategy to change the war situation.Recruit particular drive from the Axis and Allies and cooperate to achieve victory.

More than 60 kinds of particular pressure are ready so that you just can recruit, together with German Tiger tank, Mortar Karl, Soviet Katyusha rocket, KV Tank, US Army 82nd airborne regiment, and British Royal SAS regiment.

***New engine manufacturing allows to expertise actual and wealthy terrain on the battlefield!

The jungle seashore in the west, the desert in North Africa, and the ice and snow on the east line can not stop you in course of victory.

***New special drive system lets you incorporate special force into your own troops.

It has quite lots of items of particular air defense features similar to air defense, airborne, and constructing.

***More sensible climate system. Diversified weather will have an effect on the morale of air pressure and army models.

***Original reinforcement system can supplement the navy energy, scout the enemy's scenario, and develop your regiment!

***New modifications in naval warfare permit you to feel the vary and quantity of actual naval warships!

***Military items from over 200 nations, greater than 100 generals and greater than 60 particular force will be a part of your battlefield.


***There are more than 120 historical scripts in six war zones, and you'll expertise these real historic battles respectively from the Axis and Allies.

***Achieve the mission objectives in the marketing campaign: seize the target areas, rescue the pleasant forces, break the encirclement, defend the place, and annihilate the enemy on a big scale and so on.

***Every choice you make will decide the finish result of the marketing campaign, together with recruiting models, air strikes, airborne touchdown, dispatching particular drive and generals, and hiring reinforcements.

Group Army

***Deploy group military. Each country has its personal distinctive technology card which can be utilized to hurry up the process of conquering the world.

***A flexible diplomatic system and a quickly altering situation of conquest. An enemy or a friend? It all depends on your diplomatic technique.

***Use the least rounds to get rid of hostile forces, conquer the most territories, and procure larger scores.

United Front

***Every battle is a warfare of attrition. Use our limited forces and maximize combat effectiveness!

***Develop reasonable techniques, use terrain successfully, and allow your troops to outlive in troublesome battlefields.

***Achieve the objectives as soon as possible, remove enemy and reduce casualties in order to obtain excessive scores.

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