Hunter Legacy

Hunter Legacy

By Cinnabar Games

Hunter LegacyHunter LegacyHunter LegacyHunter LegacyHunter Legacy

Hunter Legacy: Loot, Gather and Survive, an off-the-cuff pixel art indie game.

You inherited a plot of land from you ancestors. Now you have to rebuild it! Go on adventures to assemble loot, hunt and find resources. Go by way of forests, mountains, caves and plains to seek out epic weapon blueprints and building materials. Defeat animals, orcs, goblins, undead (for loot) and become an superior hunter worthy of the family legacy. And when not preventing, are inclined to your farm, harvest and collect components to prepare for battle, or just rebuild your own home.

As a participant you give orders on what your character must do. Equip the proper of weapons and armour for the search at hand. You can select out of 36 different assaults to ensure you survival and victories! But beware that each attack has its pros and cons. If thing get to though, use some potions.

Beware though, since this sport has perma-death. If your character loses all his health-points, doesn’t eat or drink(even when idle), he will die. Make positive you have sufficient food and water left so your character survives when you're idle. If your character dies, the next technology will proceed their quest and legacy.

- Rebuild your settlement from scratch

- go on quests to collect loot and resources

- find many new blueprints for weapons and armours

- smith and craft items.

- feed yourself while doing it, survive!

- farm and harvest around the home for extra food

- use many different attacks

- brew your potions

- discover distant land

- pixel artwork graphics

- 29 degree to complete and master

- 44 gadgets to equip and combine

- rebuild your gear to craft higher items.

- be worthy of the legacy, or simply build a brand new one.

(currently solely obtainable in English)

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