Basketball Scoreboard

Basketball Scoreboard

By Basket Data Scouting Srls

Basketball ScoreboardBasketball ScoreboardBasketball ScoreboardBasketball ScoreboardBasketball Scoreboard

The scoreboard supplied by Basket Data Scouting is here!

Simple and easy to make use of, this device will allow you to monitor score like a appeal and share it with anyone immediately out of your smartphone or tablet!

Following the features list:

- Timer with customizable duration

- Shoot Clock with customizable duration

- Teams with customizable names

- Scoreboard

- Fouls counter

- Bonus penalty with customizable fouls count to reach it

- Periods counter with customizable regular periods

- Overtime

- Ball possession

- Timeouts with customizable availability

- Timeout Clock with customizable duration (*NEW*)

- Buzzer

- Automatic save and restore of the newest scoreboard

- Score sharing

- User Guide

We'll constantly update the app that will assist you increasingly more in your daily work. Follow us on our social channels to receive updates on the news of this and tons of different basketball instruments.

If you've any recommendations to bettering the Basketball Scoreboard, write to [email protected]; we'll be happy to work collectively to make it much more helpful to the whole community!





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