Jetting Rotax Max EVO Kart - Micro Mini Junior DD2

Jetting Rotax Max EVO Kart - Micro Mini Junior DD2

By Jet Lab, LLC

Jetting Rotax Max EVO Kart - Micro Mini Junior DD2Jetting Rotax Max EVO Kart - Micro Mini Junior DD2Jetting Rotax Max EVO Kart - Micro Mini Junior DD2Jetting Rotax Max EVO Kart - Micro Mini Junior DD2Jetting Rotax Max EVO Kart - Micro Mini Junior DD2

Jetting new 2020 Micro and Mini engines (model year 2020) available!

This app provides, utilizing temperature, altitude, humidity, atmospheric pressure and your engine configuration, a recommendation about jetting and spark plug to make use of for karts with Rotax one hundred twenty five Max EVO (Micro Max Evo, Mini Max Evo, Junior Max Evo, Senior Max Evo, Max DD2 Evo) engines, which use a Dellorto VHSB 34 XS carb.

This app can get hold of routinely the position and altitude to get the temperature, pressure and humidity from the nearest weather station thought internet. Internal barometer is used on supported units for higher precision. Application can run with out GPS, WiFi and internet, on this case person has to enter climate information manually.

• For Mini, Junior, Max, DD2 you can select which cylinder you're using. At the Grand Finals 2016, the cylinders for the Mini and Junior lessons had been up to date. At the Grand Finals 2017, the cylinders for lessons Max and DD2 have been updated. New cylinders require richer carburation

• Two completely different tuning modes: By regulations and Freestyle!

• In first mode, the next values are given: major jet, spark plug, spark plug hole, needle sort and position (including intermediate positions with washer), air screw position, idle screw place, optimal water temp, gear oil recommendation

• In second mode (Freestyle), the following values are given: main jet, spark plug, emulsion tube, needle, needle kind and place (including intermediate positions with washer), throttle valve, idle jet (outer pilot jet), idle emulsifier (inner pilot jet), air screw position

• Fine tuning for all these values

• History of all your carburetor setups

• Graphic show of gas combine high quality (Air/Flow Ratio or Lambda)

• Selectable gasoline type (VP MS93, gasoline with or with out ethanol)

• Adjustable fuel/oil ratio

• Adjustable floats height

• Mix wizard to get the perfect combine ratio (fuel calculator)

• Carburetor ice warning

• Possibility of use automated climate information or a portable weather station

• If you don't wish to share your location, you presumably can manually choose anyplace on the planet, the carburetor setups shall be adapted for this place

• let you use totally different measure items: ºC y ºF for temperatures; meter and feet for altitude; liters, ml, gallons, oz for gasoline; mb, hPa, mmHg, inHg for pressures

The application contains 4 tabs, that are described next:

• Results: In this tab two jetting setups are proven ('By regulation' and 'Freestyle'). These information are calculated relying on the weather conditions and the engine and observe configuration given in the subsequent tabs.

Also this tab lets do a fine tuning adjustment for all values for each carburetor setup to adapt to the concrete engine.

Besides this jetting data, the air density, density altitude, relative air density, SAE - dyno correction issue, station stress, SAE- relative horsepower, volumetric content of oxygen, oxygen pressure are proven too.

You can even see in a graphic type the calculated ratio of A/F (air and fuel) or Lambda.

• History: This tab contains the historical past of all jetting setups. If you modify the weather, or engine setup, or nice tuning, the new setup might be saved in history.

• Engine: You can configure on this display screen the details about the engine, that is, engine mannequin, spark plug producer, float type and peak, gasoline type, oil mix ratio and kind of the observe.

• Weather: In this tab, you'll have the ability to set the values for current temperature, pressure, altitude and humidity.

Also this tab permits to make use of the GPS to get the present place and altitude, and connect with an external companies to get the climate conditions of the closest climate station.

If you have any doubt about utilizing this App, please, contact us. We answer every query, and we take care of all feedback from our customers to try to enhance our software program. We are additionally customers of this software.

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