Streetball Allstar

Streetball Allstar

By racoonDigi

Streetball AllstarStreetball AllstarStreetball AllstarStreetball AllstarStreetball Allstar

We are an thrilling and fast-paced multiplayer basketball esports recreation. Play in 3x3 matches against your mates and players from around the world!

Play with Friends

Invite your friends and show your awesome teamwork to the world by forming a group and play in 3v3 matches together!

Worldwide Community

Play with hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide!

Challenge professional players from everywhere in the world and make a name! Give what you have to climb up the ladder and make it to the top! Be an admired celebrity on the global leaderboard, and acquire unique rewards every season!

Multiple Characters

Collect a quantity of characters with totally different positions: Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, Shooting Guard. Find the characters that suit your enjoying type, hone your expertise to outperform other gamers, and win MVP!

Professional Skills

Your characters have varied skilled abilities corresponding to field out, flick, follow-up shot, hook shot, fadeaway 3-pointer, bounce move, pick-and-roll, etc. Each player has their own unique and exclusive skills. Use them wisely to steer your group to victory, and be the focus of consideration on the court!

Meet New Friends

Watch replays of one of the best players' matches! Interact with different players around the globe, and group up or problem them to practice your abilities or make new pals in the game!

What are you ready for? Download Streetball Allstar now for the joy of fast and skill requiring streetball matches with your mates against gamers throughout the world!

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