Kennedy Score - Baseball Score

Kennedy Score - Baseball Score


Kennedy Score - Baseball ScoreKennedy Score - Baseball ScoreKennedy Score - Baseball ScoreKennedy Score - Baseball ScoreKennedy Score - Baseball Score

Baseball Scorebaoard !!

App Kennedy rating have a operate that lets you report data similar to rating / hit / error / balls of each inning for each of as much as 1-9 times to show the standing of the runner and the ball / strike / out count.

It is meant for individuals who like baseball novice baseball staff, baseball club, and baseball circle, it can be easily shared to different people progress and outcomes of the game.

Note : This app just isn't a game!

Function of each screen are as follows.

1. Main

- Enter the away staff / Home / Stadium.

- Home and Away staff identify is a required enter worth.

- Play Ball: You can start a new sport with the value that you entered above, it's going to play in the recreation data that was in just before.

- Game Result : It present in the form of a list of scoreboard results.

- Load Game : It have a list of saved games in a state by which doesn't end.

- Backup Manage : You can all the time back up data of the sport results and then load the information that was backed up.

2. Scoreboard

- It present in the form of scoreboard data for each inning till 1 to 9 inning the data of the Away group / Home staff / Stadium, which is enter from the primary screen.

- If you select each inning, after which navigate to the display screen and the input of information innings.

- Share Scoreboard : You can share as an image of the state of the current scoreboard.

- Inning Detail : You can see in a single display the information of R / H / E / B of each inning.

- Save : You can be (the end of the game or save, temporarily) save the state of the current scoreboard.

3. Inning Information

- You can directly show the ball / strike / out state.

- You can view the standing of the runner.

- You can then save them to view the knowledge of R / H / B / E.

4. Inning Detail

- You can compare a single display screen the data of R / H / E / B of the inning.

- On the left side of the screen is away team and proper is the home.

5. Game Result

- This is an inventory of games that you simply saved in the lengthy run of the game on the screen of the scoreboard.

6. Load Game

- This is an inventory of video games that you just saved in temporarily stored on the display screen of the scoreboard.

7. Backup Manage

- You can back up the present state.

- You can restore the data that was backed up, it's sent to the exterior backup files.

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